Friday, August 5, 2011

Good stuff!

The mailman came yesterday and brought me good stuff!  First, I got my package from Mare for our Summer exchange.  She sent me several summer charts, a hand towel to stitch on and a pretty card.

Then, I got my Christmas in July package from Tinna.  She sent me the most beautiful Christmas ornament annd WDW threads. 

I love all of it, thank you so much ladies!!! 

I'm working on Deb's RR today.  Here's a picture of the progress so far:

I think he looks pretty cute!

Speaking of cute, Mariah was working on her knitting loom for arts and crafts the other day.  She's so intense and actually got a whole row done!

Yesterday I took her to get her hair cut.  She wanted to grow it long, but she & Daddy can't do anything with it if I'm not home.  So, now she looks quite pixie like!
Well, that's it for today!

And how was YOUR day?


  1. Mariah's haircut looks adorable. You got some lovely things in your exchanges.

  2. Thanks, Kathy! She hates it, says she looks like a geek. I think it makes her eyes look bigger.

  3. Your gifts are very lovely! I love the ornament. I think Mariah's haircut is very cute.

  4. Nice exchange! Mariah's hair looks cute - Bridie's is very similar colour, and now down beyond her bottom! Though similarly if I'm not there to do her hair it doesn't get done - though occasionally her big sister will do it for her :)