Friday, July 29, 2011

Lots of stash

This is Mariah.  This is how she spends most of her time, teaching her 'kids'.  At last count, there were 25 in her class.  Each student gets individual and classroom time with the teacher.  They're all doing very well.  I swear, if you were listening from another room and didn't know that it was Mariah teaching them, you really would think that it was an adult teaching a classroom of children.

About a week ago, a friend put me in touch with a friend of hers who used to cross stitch.  She had a bunch of stash that she wanted to get rid of and offered to send it to me for the cost of the postage.  She sent it in 2 priority boxes.  The postage cost me $29.90.  I didn't do as well as some people I could name who shop thrift stores and find untold treasures (yes, Meari, I'm talking about you!), but I think I did pretty well.  She sent me 3 UFOs that she had started.

The Santa I will finish, it just needs backstitching.  The other 2 are not to my taste, so if anyone would like to give them a home, please let me know.  She also included some hoops and a floss card, all of which are going to my mom.

There were also some charts and booklets

Fabric and stitchables

A LoRan magnetic chart holder

And last, but certainly not least, a few threads

I think I did quite well!

I finished another band on the model I'm stitching.  Two more and it's done!

School's going well.  Biology is much easier than algebra!

Well, back to stitching. 
And how has YOUR week been?


  1. Who me? LOL Congrats on your new stash! That's a lotta threads!!

    My week.... ugh.... Lots O Rain! And sucking water out of my basement.

  2. Oh, poor thing! We've gotten lots of rain, but thankfully not as much as you!

  3. Great stash! Have fun with it.

  4. Cool package! Lovely to see Mariah - I'd love her to get together with Bridie one day :) Bridie loves to stitch - loves her after-school cross stitch club. Off on holiday on Monday, biggest decision is which stitching to take with me - as I'm 'injured' this year (not able to walk far) it's more important this year.

  5. Isn't it fun going through other folks old stash to see what you like? Have fun going through it and happy stitchin'....