Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New things

I started my new assignment for OfficeTeam yesterday.  I'm working in the shipping office of a factory doing data entry.  At least, that's the way it was explained to me when I was offered the assignment.  The hours are supposed to be Monday thru Friday 1pm-6pm.  Perfect, I thought!  I can get up early like normal, do my schoolwork, go work out, come home and do Mariah's schooling then go to work.  I'll get home early enough to go over whatever Mariah did while I was gone, tuck her into bed, finish up my own homework and then do some stitching!  Then I got to work yesterday.

The big boss is who I report to.  We sat in his office while he completely overwhelmed me explained to me what he wanted me to do.  It seems that I'm going to be entering every single form, piece of paper, etc, that the entire factory uses.  I will be designing spread sheets, going to safety meetings and designing a safety plan for the factory.  He anticipates the hours increasing to full time plus and permanent.  I was pretty much hyperventilating by the time we got to my office.  Yes, I'm a temp with my own office.  Today I get a phone, scanner and he told me to just let him or HR know what other supplies I need and he will make sure I get them.  I almost asked for an espresso machine!  :)  Last night went pretty well, we'll have to see how it continues.  Full time plus would not work for me, especially since we're hoping to move out of state by this time next year.  We'll see!

On a stitchy note, I started Mariah's coffee cup the other night.  This is the design she picked:

This is my progress after two days.  I HATE borders!

It's going to be really cute though!

My friend Sarah over at CraftyMoo is having a holiday giveaway.  She loves cows so I guess I'll have to hide Mariah's coffee cup!  Swing on over and take a look at her website, she's got some beautiful stitching!

Well, that's it for now! 
And how was YOUR day?


  1. The job sounds great to me. Full time and a chance for permanency. Lots of people would be jumping on that!

    The cup is going to be cute when finished.

  2. That's very true, Meari. And the hours aren't quite so much a problem, it's the permanency. After January I start doing my student teaching and we're hoping to move out of state by next summer. If I let them hire me on, then I'll have to quit once my student teaching starts a couple of months later. That's not fair to them. Not to mention trying to do my homework, homeschool Mariah and everything else while working at least 40 hours a week.

  3. The cup pattern is adorable. I look forward to seeing your progress. Good luck with the job.

  4. Oh my goodness I just adore this pattern, any chance I can buy it when you are finished!!! Mariah has wonderful taste lololol.

  5. Great progress on the cow cup. It is going be so cute.

  6. I like the sound of the job! I love the cow cup! I love cows, they have pretty eyes! LOL

  7. Sarah, we might be able to work something out! :) Thanks, Vicky & Mary!

  8. Love the cow cup! Nice to meet you!!

    Chris from Hanna, Indiana

  9. Thanks, Chris, nice to meet you, too!

  10. Lovely coffee cup pattern! Job sounds hectic - hope it goes well :)