Saturday, August 20, 2011

Georgia's Birthday

As I said before, my little monster has a wonderful imagination.  Yesterday was her stuffed monkey, Georgia's, birthday.  Now, there's some debate as to which birthday it is.  When she asked me to bake a cake the other night, she told me it was Georgia's 3rd birthday.  However, when we cut the cake yesterday, she informed me that it was her 1st birthday!  So, anyway, we had a birthday party.

The birthday girl had a wonderful time!  We had a veritable feast (although I'm not sure what the food was since it was all pretend and Mariah just said it was tea party food).  Mariah brought out her birthday tea set (the teapot used to play Happy Birthday but it's worn out now) and fixed dragonberry tea since that's Georgia's favorite.  Georgia got a basket full of gifts including a Holiday Barbie and a fire truck.  Very eclectic taste, wouldn't you say?

Then we cut the cake.  I baked it, and Mariah frosted and decorated it.  I think she used half the sprinkles in the pantry!  :)   All in all, it was a very nice birthday party and the leftover cake will taste very nice at our picnic in the park today.  Provided it doesn't rain.  Then Mariah has declared that we're going to the drive-in movie theater (otherwise known as our living room) to watch Toy Story while we eat our picnic lunch.  Isnt it great to be a kid?


  1. What a great party -- and how wonderful that you're willing to take the time and play along. She will remember these moments for years!

  2. Love the photo of Mariah and Georgia. Yep, it's great being a kid... or an adult who still wishes to be a kid, lol.

  3. A perfect party! Wish I could have been there to taste that luscious looking cake. Happy Birthday Georgia!