Saturday, March 31, 2012

One-stroke Painting

Mariah & I had lots of fun this morning.  We went to the library for a one-stroke painting class.  You all know that I've been doing it for a couple of years now.  This was Mariah's first time.  I was a little apprehensive. Mariah's autism/ADHD can go one of two ways - she can either be very shy & withdrawn, or VERY wound up!  Today was a combination of both.  When it was time for introductios, she got shy and wouldn't talk (understandable).  As the class continued, she began extremely exuberant and at one point got up and started bouncing and singing.  Overall though, she did very well and we're looking forward to next month!

Today's topic was Easter bunnies.  Here is Mariah's picture:

I think she did an AMAZING job, especially since she had never painted like this before!

Here's mine:

Next month is a grapevine with little birdhouses hanging from it.  I can't wait!

I had a marathon To Do List day yesterday.  I did part 2 of my practice Basic Skills Test.  This morning I did part 3.  All I have left now is the writing assignment and I can have it scored.  If I score well enough, then I can take the real one as soon as I have the $270 for it. 

I also did 4 loads of laundry, made a pot of green beans with potatoes & polish sausage & homemade mac & cheese, and helped Mariah with several pages of schoolwork.  Rich emptied out the entryway and wiped it down from top to bottom.  Then he reorganized it and got rid of a bunch of stuff.  I want to take each room one at a time and empty it, clean it, get rid of everything possible, and reorganize what's left!

In and amongst all this, I managed to get quite a bit of my Petite Christmas Angel #1 done.

Now for the rest of today I will make strawberry jam, straighten up the living room, work on my model for X's & Oh's, and watch movies with Rich & Mariah. 

And what do YOU have planned for the weekend?


  1. Well done Mariah done and Berly painting looks fab x

  2. The painting class sounds like a lot of fun. I wish we had those. Sounds like a busy day you,ve had! Your angel is adorable.

  3. Thanks, Meari! Yes, it is lots of fun and I get the added benefit of having gifts to give out of the class!

  4. What fun painting! Glad you both enjoyed the class! Congrats on getting the closet organized. Little by little you'll get there! =)

  5. You made me tired!!!!! M's painting is adorable! Your stitching looks great!!!

    1. Thanks, Vickie! I need you to come spend a weekend and help me organize!

  6. Thanks, Pam! It wasn't a closet though. When you walk into our mobile home, there is a room built on that you walk into first. It's become a kind of storage/catchall area and we got it cleaned and straightened out. Today is the west wall of the living room which includes 1 desk, the DVD cabinet, and the Wii system.

  7. Berly the bunnies are so cute! Love your angel too.

    Mary Louise in IN

  8. Mariah did a beautiful job (so did you). Wow, I thought I had marathon lists, you have me beat by a long shot! Your angel looks wonderful.

  9. this is looking wonderful. Is it Joan Eliott? Or perhaps Mirabillia?
    I found you through blog train.

  10. Thank you, Jenni! It is Joan Elliott. There are 4 angels in the chart and I'm doing all 4 on the fabric and then getting a window frame for it.