Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Stitching The Night Away has started hosting a blog hop twice a month and I decided to join in.  It sounds like lots of fun!  So, here is the first question:

Have you ever had a case of the “stitching blahs” where you just didn’t want to stitch? Or maybe it was more like you didn’t get to stitch because you were busy and that created a chain reaction sense of the “blahs” and led to even less stitching…. sort of like a case of “the Mondays” that we are all familiar with. How do you handle your stitching blahs and get back into stitching mode?

Yep, I've had that problem several times.  I've found what works the best is to go through my stash and find something that I really want to start and start it!  If that doesn't do it then I make myself put in 1 thread a day - only 1 thread - for a week.  Usually by the end of the week I'm itching to put in more.

How do you handle yours??

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  1. Digging through my stash always gets me in a better mood and at least thinking about stitching when I'm going through the blahs.

  2. I think you have to paste the code when you're in the HTML tab otherwise it won't show up correctly on your blog.

  3. Digging through stash is always fun and can put you in the mood. My problem is that I find too many that I want to do, lol.

  4. I love "Stash Shopping"! I have so much that sometimes I forgot I have really cool stuff waiting for me to start it.

  5. I didn't have one yet... but I'm sure if that day comes, going through my stash will cure me.

  6. Sometimes what helps is just looking thru all my stuff. :)

    We need to plan a Stitching Get Together in the South Suburbs one day...that should help us!