Monday, June 10, 2013

Progress pics

Yesterday was TUSAL day & I forgot to post a picture of my ort jar.  I didn't think I could get any more in it, but I think that I made enough room I can get one more month in!  What do you think?

Mariah's birthday is next Monday and I'm crocheting a dress for her to wear to her party on Saturday.  It's about half done, only 12-14 more rows to go!

I've been working on Enchanted Alphabet by Lavendar & Lace.  Every time I finish a project, I stitch a letter in the alphabet.  Here is the work so far!


  1. Love the Enchanted Alphabet! Looks like lots of crocheting is getting done by looking at your ort jar :) can't wait to see Mariah's dress.

  2. I have a silly question. What is an ort jar?

  3. That's not a silly question! Orts are the little pieces of thread or yarn that you have left on the needle and throw away. An ort jar is what you put them in - all different colors & types of threads. Then, at Christmas, we get acrylic ornaments & fill them with the pieces of thread. They look really pretty on the tree with the lights.