Saturday, June 15, 2013

Lots of finishes and progress

I've had a very busy week.  I spent a good portion of the week working on Mariah's dress for her party today.  I got it finished on Wednesday.  She was so excited she's wanted to wear it every day!

I finished a small ornament that I found in my UFO bin.  When I'm crocheting, I usually crochet all day and then take a break every so often and work on a cross stitch project. 

Since I had 2 finishes, I stitched the next 2 letters in my Enchanted Alphabet - I & J.

Thursday, my friend, Lynn, came over & we worked on stuff for our shop.  One of my stitching friends had made a denim armrest & I liked it so much that I decided to make one for myself.  I have a tendency to stick my needles in the arm of the couch so this made Rich really happy.

The one that Pam made had 2 pockets, one on each end.  I tried it that way first and decided it didn't work for me.  It kept getting in the way of the recliner lever.  So, I took that pocket off and we're going to put a drapery weight in that end to keep it from falling off with everything in the pocket on the other side.  As you can see, the fabric for the pin cushion is coffee cups and bags & containers of coffee.  Just my style!

Our shop should be going live within the next 2 weeks.  We're working on the website and will still have some tweaking to do when it's live, but I think it will be great!

This morning, Mariah & I will be decorating cupcakes for her party today.  Last night we baked chocolate cherry cola cupcakes & yellow caramel cupcakes.  Today we will frost & 'bling' them with edible glitter, plastic rings, and candles molded like a purse, shoes, and a tiara.  Just the thing for a 10 yr old girl!  We're having the party at the local ice cream parlor since it's supposed to rain on & off today. 

My next project will be a crocheted beach bag that looks like a bikini.  We also start our Halloween SAL on Monday.  I can't wait!

Mariah had VBS all week and they're going to wrap it up with a huge cookout at church.  Rich decided that that would be his Father's Day dinner and we'll go out one day next week for both him & Mariah. 

So, until next time, what have YOU done this week?


  1. The dress came out adorable! Happy Birthday Mariah!

    I lve the pin cushion. A cute ornament you finished. I can't wait to start stitching on the Halloween SAL.

  2. Happy 10th Birthday to Mariah!! Hard to believe she's 10 already. When you and I first "met" on groups, she was around 3... you sent me a family photo :) It's great to hear she's so excited about her new dress. Hope the party is a success!

    Congrats on all your finishes! The alphabet letters are very pretty.

  3. Happy Birthday Mariah! :)

    Love her dress and the arm rest looks great. Enchanted Alphabets is coming along nicely.