Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Geology grade!

My final grade was a 74.1%!  Yay!!!  He gave me 185 out of 220 points for my final paper.  The topic was to find a local natural resource and write about the waste associated with it.  Since I live in a large farming community, I visited local farms, grocery stores, and restaurants.  There is approximately 1 ton a week of locally grown produce that is thrown away, not because it is rotten, but because it is bruised, not so shiny, etc, and the public prefers the perfect fruits and vegetables.  Our Brownie troop is working on a project now in conjunction with the local food pantry to pick up those fruits and vegetables before they are thrown away and distribute them to those who are hungry.  My professor told me "bruised fruits are not exactly a local natural resource and therefore difficult to argue as a proper topic, but you did write the paper well."  He MUST be a city boy!! 

Now, I just need to wait on my final grade for my Elementary Math class and I can order my diploma!!!!  Break time until April 10 when I start my Bachelor's in Elementary Education program.

On a stitching note, I've been working hard on 3 projects. I'm stitching an angel for a RR in one of my Yahoo groups.  I've almost got her done.  One more good day of stitching!

I made some progress on Coffee Angel.  I did another 10 rows on the left border and about five rows on her dress.  

In my Every Stitch Counts group, we are doing a monthly SAL with houses designed by Karen of Sunshine Stitches.  This is my January house so far.  I'm having a difficult time with it because I don't like the fabric I picked.  Since I want to make individual ornaments out of it, I'm thinking about using a different fabric for the rest of them.

Here is Mariah's little band of merry 'men'.  My friend, Carla, crocheted the outfits and sent her those and the dolls wearing them.  The brown and blue outfit also has a bag with it and we're hoping it will fit Mariah's Bitty Baby.  However, the Bitty Baby has taken a trip to see Grandma (read - Mariah can't remember where she put it right this minute!) so we can't try it on just yet.

Well, I need to go get ready for work.  Talk to y'all later!!


  1. I'm surprised the instructor didn't have the students tell him what "natural resource" they were writing about. In all my papers, the professors required us to have the topics approved. So, partially it's his fault your paper didn't have the correct NR. Congrats on finishing your classes. Will you be going to a graduation ceremony?

    Your stitching projects look great. I really like that RR. Coffee Angel... were you working on that at the St Louis retreat?

    LOL @ "Mariah's Merry Men". The outfits are darling. Does Mariah play with dolls often? Dolls and Barbies were my favorites when I was little.

  2. Great job Kim! I love the coffee angel...who is the designer?

  3. Congrats on your grade and break from school. Your stitching looks great. Love Mariah's Merry Men.

  4. Professor should have approved on the topic but congrats on the grade. Food Network had a special called Huge Waste. It showed the tons of food wasted in New York City and on the farms near by. I was aghast by it. Millions of people starve each day and yet we throw out food because it is bruised or a tiny speck on it. It does not make sense. If sellers sold it dirt cheap, people on food stamps or low on cash will buy it and would eat a lot better than junk food, which is cheaper than healthy food.
    Your stitching is beautiful. I love the doll's outfits. I hope Bitty Baby comes home from Grandma's safe and sound.

  5. Yeah, good for you, well done!! Congrats, clever girl :)

  6. Great job on your grade!!!!! I know you are ecstatic. All of your stitching looks lovely Berly7; and I just love Mariah's dolls!


  7. Congrats on school and your projects.