Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope everyone enjoys their loved ones and shows them how much they love each other.  I know I will!  My hubby and daughter have spoiled me this year.  Saturday morning, Rich gave me a bag with a large Cracker Barrel coffee mug, a bag of their handmade buckeyes, and 2 sets of Hershey's body lotion, hand cream, and lip gloss - 1 set in Cookies N Cream and 1 set in Milk Chocolate.  My sister, Janice, had planned on keeping Mariah overnight so I had rented a room at Country Inn & Suites.  They had a Romance Package with a gift basket and rose petals on the bed.  However, the best laid plans. . .Janice called Saturday morning and Luke was sick with a fever.  So, our romantic weekend turned into a family weekend.  We got a Chinese feast and watched 'Judy Moody' and 'Baby's Day Out' while eating orange chicken, pepper steak, and moo shu chicken.  Sunday we went to Olivet Nazarene University and had a load of fun at the Family Fun-a-thon.  Mariah got an updo from Paul Mitchell Salon and had her hair sprayed blue, she had Curious George painted on both sides of her face, and made her own hula hoop!  We went to the new Beggar's Pizza across the street from the University and had BBQ Chicken pizza.  All in all, a great weekend!

Yesterday, I had to work from 8:30 to 4.  Rich & Mariah took me to work so that they could keep the car to deliver Girl Scout cookies.  When we got home, Mariah handed me a pretty red rose, a card, and a small Valentine's heart box of chocolates.  Rich gave me 3 more red roses, and a card.  Wasn't that sweet??  And I haven't had time to go shopping since I had to cancel the hotel room. 

The mailman yesterday brought me several nice packages.  First, my diploma came!!!  I am officially a graduate!

I was part of a Snowflake exchange in One Crazy Stitcher Designs.  My partner, Sherry, sent me HIHN's Snow chart with the cardinal button that goes with it, a beautiful collectible snowflake ornament, and a package of Mill Hill Treasures snowflakes.  Thank you so much, Sherry!!!

Package #3 was the Joan Elliott chart for Petite Christmas Angels.  PolStitches is hosting a SAL with the pattern for the first angel being free.  Of course, I HAD to have all 4!  I've ordered the fabric I want to do it on from 123Stitch so hopefully I'll be able to start it next week.

Speaking of 123Stitch, my partner for the Winter Exchange on ILCS sent me a $15 GC for 123Stitch.  I used it for the fabric for Petite Christmas Angels and for Angel of Cross Stitch.  Yes, I finally got the magazine!  The ORIGINAL magazine in mint condition!  It cost me $36 on Ebay, but I love this chart so much.  It came out the year after Rich & I got married, in 1999, and I fell in love.  It uses 391 colors, every color that DMC had at that time.  I can't wait to do it!

Mariah also got a nice big package yesterday.  Her Smart Globe came in the mail!  For those of you not familiar with a Smart Globe, it is a computerized globe that can be programmed for age group or grade.  By itself, it can tell you pretty much anything there is to know about any point on the globe.  Connected to the computer, you can also get up to the minute current events regarding that globe.  Awesome, right?  Mariah had a ball playing with it last night!

Well, I need to get ready for work.  Tell me how your Valentine's Day was!!



  1. Sounds like you've had a great Valentine's celebration. Hopefully you'll get to use that weekend package another time?

    Those petite angels are adorable. I have the AOCS kit in my stash. She's pretty, too. Nice exchange package you received.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Oooh... P.S.!

    Congrats on getting your diploma!! I know how exciting that is. :)

  3. Sounds like a great Valentine's Day for you. Love the globe! How fun will that be.

  4. What a great weekend you had! I can't wait to see your angels stitched. I do have the pattern of the Angel of Cross Stitch. Maybe someday I will get to it. Congrats on your diploma. happy Valentine's Day!

  5. Oh wow, a real diploma, congrats! You received asome nice packages too! Happy stitching :)

  6. What a lovely Valentine's Day celebration!

    Congrats on your diploma and great packages received.


  7. Wonderful Valentines day! Congrats on the Diploma!!! Can;t wait to see your angel of XS stitched up!