Friday, January 21, 2011

My new favorite hobby (for today)

Our library has lots of classes.  About once a month they have a One-Stroke Painting class.  The cost is only $5 and includes all your supplies.  In December we did pine trees and snowmen.  Last night, we did roses.  I'm enjoying it very much!  In fact, Kathy teaches the same class over at Country Inn and Suites for $25.  I'm going to start taking that one too to get more practice in.  Here's last night's finishes:

I really like the heart, the frame I'm not sure about.  I was thinking about putting Mariah's picture in it and giving it to my mom for Mother's Day.

I also fnished a second book this week - Barbara Taylor Bradford's 'A Sudden Change of Heart'.  Now I'm listening to Jennifer Chiaverini's 'Cross Country Quilters'.  I've almost finished 'Aunt Dimity, Paranormal Detective' and have 'Aunt Dimity's Good Deed' waiting in my purse. 

It is currently -14 degrees here in Manteno.  That's BEFORE wind chill.  I opted to keep Mariah home from school today.  It's too cold for ME to go out there, let alone her!  So, we're going to stay in where it's warm, watch Toy Story 3, play Operation, and make cupcakes and Philly cheesesteak sandwiches for dinner.  We may even eat the cupcakes before the cheesesteaks!  What are snow days for??

And what are YOU doing today?


  1. I just LOVE them! What a great way to embellish pictures with custom painted mats. I'm way jealous! Hope to see more.

    Enjoy your Snow Day! It's raining here.


  2. Very Cool Berly!!!! I haven't read the Barbara Bradford book but I LOVE the Jennifer C. series. I just finished reading "The Aloha Quilt."

  3. Is this a one-stroke painting class? Michaels offers them near me and I have always said one day... I am reading The Elm Creek Quilt series too and there is a new one coming soon.

  4. Yes, it was, Carol! One of our librarians is a certified master painter for Donna Dewberry (I think that's her last name). She teaches a class at the library every month for only $5 which is MUCH cheaper than HL or Michaels!

  5. They are just great! Don't change anythin, just put Mariah into it and give it to your mother,. I bet she will be very happy with it!