Sunday, January 9, 2011

Crazy 15 project SAL - Days 8 & 9

Yesterday I started the Holy Family chart for the Marbek Nativity.  This project has 5 charts total - it is HUGE!  It's shown in a 3 part tryptich frame and is just gorgeous when it's completed.  I decided that before I actually start working full time on this project, I need to get a floor stand and large frame to stitch it with.  Here's a picture of my start:

Today, I worked on Jeremiah Junction's 'Recycle' for Rich.  He is a huge recycler and wanted me to frame this one to hang in the garage. 

Tomorrow, Bent Creek's 'Snow'.  Is it tomorrow yet?


  1. I so want to stitch the Marbek Nativity one day and can't wait to follow your blog to see your progress. :) Sounds like you are definitely going to have your needles smoking!

  2. good luck with all your projects.