Friday, January 14, 2011

More starts!

Sorry I haven't posted in the last few days.  Between the sinus infection kicking my butt and work, I've been really tired.  Yesterday, I got a call from the school at 8:30.  Seems Mariah threw up all over her class.  She had a 99.2 fever.  I had to call Rich to go get her and take her home.  Then I got about 20 phone calls during the day - 'Mom, can I have a PBJ sandwich', 'Mom, I want a glass of milk', 'Mom, Daddy won't let me go play in the snow'. 

I've only gotten a few stitches in on each of my last few piece - enough to say they were started!  Here is Bent Creek's 'Snow'

Lavender Wings 'If I Could Be a Snowman'

Lavender Wings 'Jingles, Chuckles, Snowball and Twitch'


Victoria Sampler's 'White Christmas'

I sat down this morning and looked at 'White Christmas'.  Unfortuately, I forgot to order the #12 Perle Cotton so I'll have to wait to actually stitch on it until I get it.  That's kind of a good thing cause I'm a little intimidated by it.  Lots of specialty stitches, including a band with (gulp) HARDANGER!!  I've always been too scared to do hardanger.  Maybe I'll take it to the Hoosier Stitchers retreat in October and have someone help me with it.  My last start for this project will have to wait a few days.  I had to order the fabric for it.  It came into the shop and now I'm just waiting for it to get here. 

I'm having 2 molars removed today so I'm going to take my Wizzer Stained Glass Chapel with me to work on in the waiting room.  Hopefully, I'll feel like stitching on it this evening!  In any case, other than starting my last project when I get the fabric, I'll work on the Wizzer until it's finished.


  1. Great stitching sorry that Mariah is sick. Will think of you on when you get your molars removed

  2. Sorry you have to get your molars out. I am trying to get some dentures and my dentist had pulled 9 teeth out so far. I have one more to go but I was pulling it off and now I am waiting for spring to continue the work. Your stitching looks great. Yo are doing good on your reading too.

  3. Thanks, Terri! They had to give me 4 shots of Novacaine. The whole bottom half of my head is numb!

  4. Thanks, Vicky! When I had my upper partial done a few years ago, they took out 10 teeth all at once. Just knocked me out! I'd rather do it that way!