Saturday, April 27, 2013

New stuff!

This has been a long week and filled week!  First, I broke one of my molars.  This one is really painful and I can't get in to have it pulled until Wednesday afternoon.  So, I'm taking vicodin, tylenol, and drinking lots of smoothies since it hurts to chew anything!

Wednesday my friend, Lynn, came over and brought a new-to-me sewing machine.  She gave me a sewing lesson on it.  We made a pillowcase dress for Mariah.  It's justthismuch short of being long enough to wear as a dress for her so she's going to wear it with a pair of leggings. 

Thursday I spent the evening at Barnes & Noble with a stitching group that I found.  I had a great time and worked on the model I'm stitching for Flowers2Flowers.  The rest of the group was either crocheting or knitting so next time I'll take one of my crochet projects with me.
Last night my nephew, Luke, spent the night.  The kids had fun playing school and watching movies.  They slept on the couch since it is a double recliner & as Luke says 'goes into a bed'!
Today I'm just chilling & watching'24' while kind of dozing on the couch.  The vicodin & tylenol make it difficult for me to stitch. 
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