Friday, January 25, 2013

MLK Express lapbook

We love doing lapbooks.  Most of the ones that we do are from A Journey Through Learning.  They are very user friendly and fun to do.  Right now we're working on an Astrology lapbook and a lapbook on American Indians.  I wanted to do something special for Martin Luther King's birthday, but I didn't want to give Mariah the day off of school since it's hard to get her focused again.  A Journey Through Learning had the answer - a MLK Express lapbook!

An Express lapbook is one that can be done with only 1 folder instead of 3 or more.  We have opted, for the purposes of storage, to adapt this to a notebook.  We do all the activities, but instead of using manilla folders to make the lapbook, we attach the activities to paper and place them into page protectors.  The page protectors then get placed into a 3-ring binder.  We have 1 binder for holidays and will begin 1 for history, science, etc.  This way, we can put several lapbooks into 1 binder.  Mariah for some reason likes doing them better this way also. 

Ours came out pretty well.  Rich did it right along with us and it was a great family day!

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