Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

New Year's Eve was certainly an event!  Mariah's 2 cousins - Mary & Megan - spent the night and the girls had a ball.  They watched movies, ate munchies, and helped Uncle Rich put a puzzle together.  This morning after breakfast their mom came and picked them up.  Since we're going to be moving, hopefully sooner than later, we want the girls to spend as much time together as possible.

Today starts the new Stitcher's Blog Hop.  Our first question is:

What was your biggest stitching accomplishment in 2012? 
What was your favorite stash acquisition in 2012 and will you be using it in 2013?

My biggest accomplishment for 2012 was a model that I stitched for X's & Oh's.  'Santa's House' was huge & took me a good 6 months to do.  I actually had to go buy the largest hoop that I could find to work on it because none of my qsnaps or scroll frames were big enough to hold it!

My favorite stash acquisition in 2012 was a couple of charts that I have been drooling over forever.  I was lucky enough to receive 2 charts from my wish list  - The Drawn Thread's 'Sanctuary' & Lavendar & Lace's 'Enchanted Alphabet'.  Both were kitted up and sent to me as part of exchanges and I am VERY grateful!  I'm hoping to have time to get both of them stitched this year!


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  1. Berly sounds like the girls had fun indeed. Love your model. What a gorgeous piece! The two new pieces are beautiful too. I look forward to seeing your progress on them.

  2. I hope your move goes smoothly and exactly when you want! The model is adorable!! What a great job!! Isn't it great when we get the stash that we have been dreaming about??

  3. What a fun model stitch project and very pretty stash acquisitions!

  4. The Model piece is beautiful, that is a wonderful accomplishment! Look forward to seeing the "stash" starts ;)

  5. Gorgeous job on "Santa's House"! Have fun stitching those beautiful charts.

  6. Oh my I think I want to try that Santa house. You are extremely talented to do such large and wonderful designs. I hope I can get to be that good someday:-)

  7. Love Santa's House. What a cute pattern.