Saturday, April 2, 2011

Catching up - again!

It's been a long week again.  My classes are really rough this semester.  I've struggled with algebra all week.  I managed to do the homework, it was the study plan that killed me.  There was one question on there that just locked me up.  Turns out, it shouldn't have been in there cause we haven't covered it yet.  Funny thing is, either everyone else knew how to do it, or nobody else is doing the study plan!

I got a wonderful package from my First Day of Spring Exchange buddy.  Carol sent me a beautiful pattern from Whispered by the Wnd called "Spring Homes", 3 skeins of Threadworx threads (1 for the chart), and a beautiful cameo-style needle minder.  Thank you sooo much, Carol!

I've been working on Carla's model ths week and my denim shirt for my Hoosier Stitcher's retreat.  I should have the shirt done tomorrow.  The model will go with me to the retreat.  It's beautiful, but not a quick stitch. 
I'm also taking my 4 Mill Hill kits from my Crazy 15 project SAL to work on. 

I finished listening to "The Master Quilter"  and now I'm listening to Meg Cabot's "The Princess Diaries".  I also finished "Aunt Dimity Digs In" and now I'm reading "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" on my new ereader.  It'll be so nice to be able to download my textbooks onto it instead of having to lug one around!

The school district hosted a fundraiser last night - Kids' Night Out.  For $15, you dropped your kid off at the high school and the high school students played games and did all kinds of stuff with them.  Mariah had a ball and won a ginormous bottle of bubbles!  I had fixed burgers & mac & cheese for dinner and then taken Mariah to the school. Mommy and Daddy stayed home and watched part of Season 1 of Castle.   For dessert, I fixed chocolate pudding, cut up an angel food cake bar, strawberries and bananas and we ate it all fondue-style while watching our dvds.  Fun night for all!!

Well, time for breakfast and then off to Mariah's swimming lesson!  I only have 5 more sleepies until my retreat!  Yeah!

And, how was your week?


  1. What a lovely gift from VIcky

  2. Thanks, Sarah, it was, wasn't it?

  3. Nice Spring gift!

    When's the Hoosier retreat?

  4. Meari, Hoosier retreat is this weekend. I can't wait!